Final Danube territory annexed

Silvestria, the final remaining terra nullius on the Serbian-Croatian border, has been annexed by South Maudlandia, and now forms part of North Ister.

The Declaration of Annexation of Silvestria was signed yesterday, officially bringing the miniscule territory under direct control of the South Maudlandian Government.

Silvestria was earlier confirmed to be the only pocket of former no-man’s land still left unclaimed, of the several situated on the right bank of the Danube River, between Serbia and Croatia. Other past terrae nullius include North and South Ister, which were claimed by South Maudlandia nearly a week ago, and mistakenly believed to be the last such territories.

At an estimated area of only 0.2km², Silvestria was deemed by President Matthew Phillips as “too small to function as a separate entity”, and thus was integrated into the newly-formed Overseas Territory of North Ister.

The President also further explained the recent series of annexations carried out by the Government, citing potential Liberlandian hostilities as a primary cause.

“Hopefully, these measures will prevent any territorial expansion in the region by Liberland”, he said.


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